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Welcome to Sgt. Imhotep’s Blog!

This blog is designed to be a useful resource of tutorials, news and reviews on everything related to computing and technology.

So who am I…

My name is Anthony Ryan and I’m an IT Manager with over 20 years experience working with a large number of different technologies and performing a multitude of different roles. Currently I work full time for a Hardware & Software Distributor based in the South of England.

Even though I have been around IT for a long time I am only just venturing into blogging.

From Hobby to Profession

Back when I was still in school the age of the Personal Computer was just beginning. Having a computer at home was quite rare and even schools were only just starting to get computer rooms with a PC for each child in the class. Luckily for me a guy that lived across the road from me had a BBC Micro that he used to let me learn to create simple programs on.

My parents proceeded to nurture my keen interest in computers buy buying me a succession of them for birthdays and Christmases, starting with a Dragon 32, a Spectrum +3 and an Amiga A500 Plus. I used to spend hours after school sitting in front of the screen typing in hundreds of lines of code from Magazines that you could buy to write your own games and probably many more hours adjusting the volume on the tape player to get the programs to load fully.

However these computers where simply better versions of my NES and used for playing games mostly. It wasn’t until I got my first real computer, an IBM XT, that my future would be influenced in the way it was.

From the moment I first flicked on the IBM XT’s extremely oversized red power switch, which had a satisfying clunk as it engaged, the green glow from the monitor filled the room and my heart – I was hooked and there was no way back.

What started as a hobby (some would say an obsession) quickly became my first choice career all through school, influencing the choices I made for my GCSE classes and then eventually my full time profession for the last 20+ years.

Why Sgt. Imhotep’s Blog

Now I’m approaching the older years of life my little grey cells requests for content are starting to return 404 errors and this site is mainly dedicated to helping me remember all those really useful or interesting snippets of information I’ve gathered over the years.

Everything I know about IT is a result of watching others, online blogs like this, books and not being afraid to have a go. Practice has made the things I do nearly perfect and a bit of trial & error went a long way to ensuring I learnt the best way, the hard way!

I’m still learning, even after nearly 30 years, and I hope that Sgt. Imhotep’s Blog becomes like all those blogs I learnt from by proving to be a useful resource for those of you that read it

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